About Us


Waldt Plumbing & Solar was established 8 yrs ago by the founder Bradley Groenewaldt and as a qualified plumber I`m very passionate about Plumbing due too being expose too the trade at at a young age i manage too build up staff that also very passionate and professional as I am.

We specialist in the following:

  • Waldt Plumbing & Solar we do all sorts of Plumbing , from residential , commercial and industrial.
  • Insurance call outs
  • Solar installation
  • Geyser replacement
  • Gas geyser installation
  • Bathroom & kitchen renovation
  • Leak detection
  • UnBlocking pipes drains
  • JoJo installation
  • Fault finding 
  • General maintenance
  • C.O.C Plumbing certificate
  • Tiling 
  • Plastering 
  • Waterproofing

My main purpose is too uphold the standard of Plumbing as it with our utmost importance, too do things the correct way , Good standard of work as there can be a health factors involve too one , and society should it not be done incorrectly .

Yet my ultimate goal is too get more people interest in the, plumbing trade by training the youth and other who have a keen interest of the trade

Passionate about what we do and very reliable and professional.

"As the owner of Waldt Plumbing I`m proud too say we value all our clients , we do residential , commercial and even industrial Plumbing ."


51 Rotterdam street Bayview
Cape town

Phone: (+27) 74 235 0003